Everything you need to know about Roots growth serum ingredients

Because each ingredient is an exceptional product , here is the list of their benefits.

Pumpkin seed oil

  • contains B group vitamins (B8, B12, B5, B3) which are involved in the renewal of hair follicle cells
  • prevents hair loss
  • makes hair soft and shiny
  • stimulates hair growth

Sweet almond oil

  • anti-frizz action
  • limits the appearance of split ends
  • strengthens hair and prevents dehydration

Avocado oil

  • Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, it penetrates deeper into the hair fiber, strengthening the roots which stimulates growth.
  • naturally occurring vitamin E has the ability to repair damage caused by sun exposure
  • gives shine and vigor

Grapeseed oil

  • its high vitamin E content allows it to nourish the hair from the inside
  • restructures the hair cuticle
  • nourishes the scalp
  • fight against dandruff

Castor oil

  • dull, dry, brittle hair
  • acts on the micro-circulation of the scalp
  • strengthens and nourishes damaged hair
  • Promotes growth, makes hair thicker and stronger

Nigella oil (black cumin)

  • rich in omega 3 and vitamin E and biotin, this oil softens and tones the scalp
  • helps eliminate toxins and activates blood microcirculation
  • antibiotic and antiseptic property
  • strengthens follicles and helps slow hair loss
  • fights against baldness, gray or white hair

Sesame oil

  • rich in vitamin E and A, protects against external aggressions (UV)
  • maintains hydration and repairs split ends
  • softens and softens hair
  • anti-dandruff, acts effectively on flaking (loss of the superficial layers of the epidermis)

Arugula oil

  • essential for hair growth, rich in vitamins K and B9 and antioxidants
  • promotes hair growth and regrowth
  • nourishes the hair fiber in depth and thickens the hair when it grows back
  • protects against external aggression
  • fights against breakage and split ends

Mustard oil

  • stimulating and warming action, provides a blood flow which prevents hair loss
  • tones the scalp

Argan Oil

  • rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, prevents damage linked to coloring and washing
  • protects against UV rays from the sun
  • prevents dryness
  • coats the hair and strengthens its resistance

Tocopherol (vitamin E), a natural antioxidant from sunflower oil, helps increase the lifespan of oils and prevents rancidity.