Everything you need to know about growth booster ingredients

Because each ingredient is an exceptional product, here are their benefits.

Olive oil is one of the most nourishing natural products that includes a long list of vitamins:

  • preserves the shine of coloring
  • limits the action of UV
  • effectively nourishes naturally very dry frizzy hair
  • nourishes the hair fiber and coats the hair
  • prevents frizz and gently detangles
  • soothes the scalp
  • detoxifying, it protects hair from chemical residues (paraben, sulfate) present in hygiene products.

Roots chose olive oil for the macerate preparation because it remains stable at room temperature and oxidizes very little.


  • relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow. The nutrients necessary for hair growth reach the roots more quickly and thus boost growth.
  • actively nourishes follicles

Ginger juice irritates the scalp, which is why Roots chose it in an oily macerate.

Garlic is a major asset in hair growth as well as for the scalp:

  • rich in allicin, sulfur (origin of its strong odor), zinc, two essential elements which enter into the composition of keratin
  • prevents baldness and alopecia
  • contains copper, selenium, vitamins C, B2, B1 and B6, essential elements for improving blood circulation
  • helps protect keratin-producing cells against UV impact
  • anti dandruff

Rosemary essential oil

  • purifying and regenerating action
  • soothes irritated scalp

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