ingredients intense repair serum

Fractionated coconut vegetable oil : derived from vegetable oil extracted from coconut, it has moisturizing, softening and nourishing properties. The method of obtaining it is not polluting and it is perfectly biodegradable. It allows the serum to penetrate quickly thanks to its very fluid and light texture.

Organic grapeseed oil :

  • restructures the hair by smoothing the cuticle
  • reduces split ends and damaged tips
  • does not weigh down the hair

Organic hemp oil : highly concentrated in antioxidants and vitamins (proteins, minerals, omega 3 and 6 vitamin D).

  • hydrates and repairs dry and damaged hair
  • provides suppleness and shine
  • disciplines dry hair

Organic neem oil :

  • seals split ends
  • improves hair texture
  • fight against bacteria, fungi and parasites

HE Organic Ylang Ylang (the flower of flowers):

  • calming and soothing property
  • shine/strengthens hair
  • tones and beautifies hair
  • regulates sebum secretion

HE Organic Grapefruit :

  • invigorating/promotes rest and relaxation
  • limits hair loss and regulates sebum for oily hair

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