The mission we carry

If you are here, it is probably because you want to know what we do, why we do it, or perhaps discover who we are, just to know our philosophy.

At ROOTS, we have set ourselves a mission: Bring the force of nature into care for you and all in one.

Concretely, we offer a range of products for scalp care that is good for you and nature, sustainable and accessible.

Our main strength is you... it's your desire to change things, to consume differently, to take care of yourself differently.

Our engagements

“Our nature is rich, it provides inexhaustible means”

Based on this conviction, ROOTS has chosen quality products, entirely natural and free of controversial ingredients or of animal origin.

No endocrine disruptors or agents
petrochemical in all our products.

As a responsible company, we attach great importance to respecting the environment.

This is why our objective is to converge towards “zero impact” on our environment.

We have chosen eco-responsible, recyclable packaging.

Concretely our actions:

● No unnecessary packaging, no overpackaging, no polluting agents

● Our bottles are made of recyclable glass and are intended to be reused

● Our packages are produced from entirely recycled cardboard

● We are committed to the best partners. Partners who see far and who have an approach similar to ours.

● Because we are facing unprecedented climate change, we have decided to act at our level for carbon elimination solutions. ROOTS pays 0.5% of your purchases to Stripe climat in order to
to finance start-ups and groups of scientists to create today's solutions (example: transforming carbon into stone, into clean fertilizer, etc.)

The History of the brand

Founder of Roots long hair

Since my childhood, I have always had beautiful long hair. Then comes adolescence where we want change and strangely we always tend (or almost) to bring this change through the hair (change of cut/color). And me first... Obviously this is not without consequences on the quality and appearance of the hair.

It was from that moment that I understood that to regain my beautiful hair I had to stop using conventional chemical products. The problems I faced: hair fall, brittle hair, limp and thin hair.

And I wanted results quickly!

No matter how much people tell me it's just hair, it's nothing, it will eventually grow one day. For me it's not just hair, it has affected my self-confidence, it has become an obsession.

So I started looking for everything I needed to know about hair, the scalp and hair growth. I then turned to the quickest and most effective solution.

I searched for a long time and that's when my natural hair adventure began.

This is what allowed me, after all my research, to have a WOW result! Rapid growth of stronger and denser hair. An incredible effect without having to go through the brushing box and even less extensions.

The beauty is that they are simply natural.

I became passionate about what nature offered us and how it could solve our problems.

I concentrated all my knowledge in Roots.

I wanted to share my solutions with as many people as possible because I still see too many people being at their worst because of hair loss. Besides, it's not only due to chemicals but it's also a question of hormones, stress, etc. I have collected everything that is necessary for the scalp for optimal and rapid growth.

This hair routine has been designed for all hair types because, whether straight, wavy, frizzy, curly or curly, it all starts at the roots.

Sabrine Ieroianni Founder of Roots