Bien préparer son masque à base de poudre ayurvédique

Prepare your mask using Ayurvedic powder

Ayurvedic plant powders offer effective solutions for various hair issues. When used in synergy, they help strengthen, protect, detangle, and promote hair growth.

Which powders should you prioritize?

  • Kapoor kachliEnhances shine, promotes growth, and aids in detangling.
  • Neutral henna: Strengthens hair fibers, provides a protective sheath, and restores strength and luster.
  • Marshmallow Effective in detangling and providing a protective sheath to the hair.
  • Brahmi: Combats dandruff and adds thickness to the hair.
  • Amla: Stimulates growth and combats hair loss.
  • Bhringaraj: Fights against hair loss (alopecia), prevents premature graying, and fortifies the hair.

    How to prepare your mask correctly before shampooing?

    1.  Measure the desired quantity of powder (depending on your hair's length) into a non-metallic container (avoid metal to preserve the properties of the powders).

    2.  Add lukewarm water gradually until a paste forms—neither too runny nor too thick.

    3.  You can enhance the mixture by adding Hair Booster and Hair Growth Serum. You may also include natural yogurt and/or a spoonful of honey or aloe vera gel for a creamy texture and added hydration. The powders can be drying when used alone.

    4.  Thoroughly detangle your hair to facilitate application.

    5.  Apply the mixture from the roots to the tips, taking care to protect your surroundings to prevent any mess. If anything spills, it can be easily washed away.

    6.  Cover your hair with plastic wrap or use a heating cap.

    7.  Leave the mask on for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 4 hours. Then rinse and shampoo with your regular shampoo.

    8.  For the final rinse, use apple cider vinegar or a mixture of alcohol and water to seal the hair cuticles, improving the appearance of your lengths and ends. This prevents brittleness and split ends and adds shine and suppleness to your hair.


    As an after-shampoo mask, simply mix the powder with water and apply it immediately after shampooing without any additional ingredients. Rinse thoroughly.


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