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Clarifying shampoo powder



250 g Recyclable cardboard tube

Comprised of six powders in equal parts – Shikakai, Reetha, Multani Mitti, Sidr, Rosemary, and Stinging Nettle – this blend works in synergy to thoroughly cleanse and purify both the scalp and hair fiber. They can serve as a perfect alternative to your regular shampoo, thanks to their deep-cleansing and foaming properties. Additionally, they gently exfoliate the scalp.

What exactly is a clarifying shampoo? It's a shampoo designed for a deep and thorough cleansing of the hair, with the goal of removing all chemical or natural residues to create a fresh foundation for your hair. The aim is to eliminate the effects of years of chemical treatments that can weigh down the hair and lead to issues like oily or dry hair, dandruff, and more.

So, what are the benefits? It's like hitting the reset button for your hair. You start with a clean slate, which allows any subsequent hair care routine to be truly effective, resulting in clean, shiny, and resilient hair.



Organic Shikakai powder, organic Reetha powder, Multani mitti, organic Sidr powder, Rosemary powder, Stinging Nettle powder.

INCI list : Acacia concinna fruit powder, Sapindus mukorossi powder, Solum fullonum, Zizyphus jujuba leaf powder, rosmarinus officinalis leaf powder, Urtica dioica leaf powder.

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Learn all about the ingredients

Shikakai : cleansing - promotes growth - detangles - provides softness to hair

Reetha : cleansing (oily hair) - anti-dandruff - promotes growth

Multani Mitti : clay of Indian origin - cleanses deeply - for quickly regreasing hair - rebalances the scalp

Sidr (jujube tree): cleansing - purifying - fights against the appearance of dandruff - relieves irritated scalps

Rosemary : stimulates hair growth - fights against alopecia

Stinging nettle : regulates excess sebum on the scalp - accelerates hair growth

using advice

As a paste shampoo : pour the powder into a container, add a small quantity of hot water until a paste is not too thick. You can also pour the powder directly into your hand then apply to wet hair directly at the roots for a gentle exfoliation of the scalp. Massage as with a usual shampoo then rinse thoroughly.

As a dry shampoo : absorbs oil, adds instant volume while conditioning your hair. Powder the roots with a little powder, rub lightly then brush your hair.

Precautions for use : Do not inhale the powder, it is very volatile. Be careful when opening the tube, open it carefully to prevent the powder from volatilizing.

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