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Ayurvedic powder mask



250 g recyclable cardboard tube

This mask is an essential treatment for achieving dreamy hair. Formulated with a careful selection of 6 Ayurvedic powders, when combined, they work to restore shine, radiance, and strength to your hair while promoting growth and regrowth. You'll experience remarkable results from the very first use.

No more need to mix powders yourself and clutter your cabinets; all the powders you need are conveniently combined in a single format. It's simpler and more practical!


Kapoor kachli powder, neutral henna powder, marshmallow powder, brahmi powder, amla powder, bhringaraj powder.

INCI list : Hedychium spicatum root powder, Cassia auriculata leaf powder, Althaea officinalis root powder, Bacopa monnieri powder, Emblica officinalis fruit powder, Eclipta alba powder.

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Learn all about the ingredients

  • Kapoor kachli brings shine - promotes growth and detangling
  • Neutral henna strengthens the hair fiber - sheaths the hair - restores strength and shine
  • Marshmallow detangles - coats hair
  • Brahmi anti-dandruff - makes hair thicker
  • Amla stimulates growth - fights against hair loss
  • Bhringaraj fights against hair loss (alopecia) - fights against the appearance of white hair - strengthens the hair

using advice

As a poultice mask : pour the powder into a container (quantity depending on the length of the hair) add a small quantity of hot water until it forms a paste that is not too thick. For greater effectiveness add a few drops of growth serum and/or growth booster. Apply to wet hair for easier application. Leave on for at least 30 minutes then rinse and wash your hair.

As an infusion : Leave to infuse in hot water then filter, you can use it as a spray on the roots. Store in a cool place and use quickly as it cannot be stored.

Precaution for use : Do not inhale the powder, it is very volatile. Be careful when opening the tube, open it carefully to prevent the powder from volatilizing.

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