Personalized advice

Closer to you

Hair is never easy to understand, no matter the age or culture, it can surprise us.

We grope, we try, we seek perfection, big and small, it's our obsession.

To understand them, you have to know how to deal with them, but sometimes it takes a lifetime to respect them .

At ROOTS, we listen to you attentively: your stories, your desires, your moods, your changes from time to time.

Together we discuss and find solutions to enhance your hair, with real and natural products, that's the basis.

Welcome to ROOTS , where your hair is our passion, and where we work together to create its most beautiful expression.

Expert advice

With us, advice is given by the best.

Our team of specialists in botany and dermo-cosmetics is here to help you take care of your scalp and achieve the hair result you desire.

We have created a form to collect your stories, your needs and your expectations.

We carefully analyze your responses and preferences to recommend the best routine for your hair .

We are very concerned about the quality and composition of the products recommended, and favor natural and effective solutions to protect your hair and provide it with the care it needs.

A word from our Founder

I firmly believe that every person is unique, and hair care solutions should be personalized to their specific needs.

Using a personalized approach, we can identify the most suitable products and treatments for your situation.

By working together, we can find the most effective solutions to treat your scalp problems and improve the health of your hair.