Traiter la chute de cheveux post-partum : Conseils essentiels pour une chevelure éclatante après la grossesse

Treating Postpartum Hair Loss: Essential Tips for Glowing Hair After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of transformations and hormonal fluctuations that can affect the health of our hair. During nine months of pregnancy, our hair is at its prime: It becomes thicker, grows quickly and looks more beautiful than ever.

However, once baby is born, it is common to see significant hair loss, sometimes even in handfuls.

Don't panic, we've put together the most effective tips for treating postpartum hair loss and promoting natural hair regrowth.

First of all, why does hair loss occur after childbirth?

Understanding the reasons for postpartum hair loss will allow you to better manage this problem. During pregnancy, estrogen levels increase, which slows down the hair growth cycle and promotes full, thick hair.

However, after childbirth, estrogen levels decline rapidly, leading to significant hormonal fluctuations. These hormonal changes can lead to hair loss that may persist for several months.

Additionally, pregnancy can lead to a deficiency of essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, and B vitamins, which play a crucial role in hair health.

Finally, the physical and emotional stress associated with childbirth and having a newborn can also affect the health of your hair and contribute to hair loss.

How long does postpartum hair loss last?

Postpartum hair loss varies from person to person, but generally, it begins around three months after giving birth and can persist for up to six months. In some cases, this hair loss can continue for up to a year after giving birth. It is important to note that postpartum hair loss is usually temporary and hair will eventually grow back normally once estrogen levels are regulated. If you are breastfeeding, this can also influence the duration of hair loss.

Effective Tips to Treat Postpartum Hair Loss

Don't worry, there are simple and natural measures to promote hair regrowth and improve hair health after pregnancy.

  1. Balanced diet: This is the basis!

Eat a healthy diet rich in essential nutrients. Vitamins B, C, D and E, as well as iron and zinc, are particularly important for hair health. Include leafy green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, legumes and nuts in your diet to provide your hair with the nutrients it needs for healthy growth.

A healthy diet for your hair growth. This is the basis

You can find a simple and excellent recipe for hair growth by clicking here . Don’t hesitate to drop by for advice and ask us questions.

  1. Scalp massage because it all starts at the root:

Stimulate blood circulation in your scalp by gently massaging it for a few minutes every day. This technique can reduce postpartum hair loss and promote new hair growth. Also avoid tight hairstyles that put excessive tension on your hair and contribute to hair loss.

  1. Using our Growth Serum to stimulate regrowth:

Our products for caring for your scalp - Roots is the leader in hair care that is good for you and nature

At ROOTS, we offer a real concentrate of pure and entirely natural active ingredients in a 2 or 3 month treatment. With these 10 oils formulated in equal quantities, it reduces hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth and new hair growth.

Hair growth serum suitable for pregnant and lactating women

ROOTS is the leader in scalp care that is good for you and good for nature. Our Serum is compatible for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

We recommend a 3-month treatment to optimize your hair growth.

  1. Consult a healthcare professional:

If your postpartum hair loss persists or worsens, we recommend seeing a dermatologist or healthcare professional. They will be able to assess your specific situation and advise you on available treatment options.

In conclusion, postpartum hair loss can be a frustrating experience, but keep in mind that it is usually temporary.

By eating a balanced diet, taking care of your scalp and using suitable products, you can restore the health of your hair and regain radiant locks.

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